Sunday, July 15, 2012

Those are huge

Sometimes Hunter makes my day.

After showing off his muscles he asked to see my muscles. I flexed and he said in his tiny two year old voice.

"Those are HUGE"

from the mouth of babes.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


This post is kind of late in coming.

I asked a girl to marry me last month. She said yes which means we are engaged. Whoot! Party, Butterbeers, fizzing whizzbees, sugar quills galore!

For those who want the story read the following:

So there we were, it was May 12th, and this was the big day. I had not slept well the night before (mind you maybe not any of the nights after Wednesday when I talked to her dad and he said I could marry her) but I had lots to do.

This was my to do list:

  • Buy flowers
  • Finish lantern/lights
  • Set up at Bramalls
  • Dinner
I thought this was going to take forever. I finished the first two by 9:30. Oh boy, dinner was not til five and I that meant I still had 7 and 1/2 more hours. Well, I needed to keep busy so I added more things to my list:

  • Clean the car
  • Get a haircut
Great. Now it was 10:30. Well, I went home and ate something. Then I went to Liz's and she and I went to the Bramall's to set up (pictures to come).

Then finally after a swim and reading a book, and getting ready, then getting ready again it was time for dinner.
After dinner it was still to light so we went to play bocce ball with Liz. Thanks Liz!
Then we went to movie night at the Bramall's. On the car ride Kyra asked if I thought is was time for a deep talk again (that was stressful...little did she know...)

We watched the movie Tangled.

When it got to the lantern scene I plugged in the lights:

Said some endearing remarks and got on one knee and proposed.
She asked if I was serious and then said yes of course.

Then we hugged, smiled, etc... and then asked each other "now what?"

oh and here is the ring 

The 1st of many Catching up posts- Pottermore

Sometimes I get behind in posting, but I have been wanting to do this post for awhile.

I am a big harry potter fan. I love those books. I also sometimes have wand pens that I take to church.

Anyway, J.K. Rowling recently came out with a new "interactive reading experience" called Pottermore.

I pretty much was geeking out about it during the months before hand and then I got my letter. I bought supplies, then my wand chose me:

If you want to know what that means join pottermore

Then came what I was worried about, the sorting. I kind of have this fear of becoming a dark wizard so I really didn't want to be sorted into Slytherin. Also, I oft think Hufflepuff and marshmallow together in the same train of thought, and I sort of wanted not Gryffindor, so what I am saying is I really wanted the sorting hat to see me as a witty nerd and sort me to Ravenclaw. 

J.K. Rowling warned me to answer truthfully, which I did, and the hat decided:

It was meant to be. I'm a Ravenclaw, busy doing this now:

And this:
I am a wizard for sure, but not a dark one, a nerdy witty one.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why I'm so happy

I know who I am. A child of God.

I know God loves me and that he does not forget about me. I pray to Him.

I know that everyone has a heritage of divinity. As such, I think they are awesome.

I pray for a good night's rest every night.

I drink lots of water.

I love my family and talk to my parents at least thrice weekly.

I listen to classical music.

I am constantly learning and find there are things to learn everywhere.

I believe in revelation both through living prophets as well as personal revelation.

I have a humorous laugh.


I cleaned my room yesterday.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

belle-necrofasciitis dream

As many of you know I have really vivid dreams, and every once and awhile I have dreams that stick with me for long periods of time. Last Fall I had one such dream. 

I dreamed my dog, Belle, had necrofasciitis (Necrotizing fasciitis).

Click on this to see a picture of what this disease is (Caution: it is gross)... or google search it. If you want...

This disease just has the muscles in ones body killing themselves and dying and decomposing. It is really really bad. My poor dog was not doing well.

In my dream, I performed surgery and saved my dog's leg. 

Go me!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Today in anatomy my professor mentioned Bezoars. I got excited because of the bezoar that saved Ron Weasley. 

But then she showed this picture:
^That is a hairball (Trichobezoar)
Apparently this is the truth about bezoars.

So apparently Ron was saved by swallowing a hair ball/rock from a goat. Gross. Yet magical?...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today's Lunch

Awhile ago I set a goal to take lunch to school more. In this way I actually eat lunch/food instead of waiting until my return home.

This morning I was in a hurry and just real quick grabbed things for lunch. As such my lunch today consisted of the following: an orange, some Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips (my favorite), and a Snickers candy bar.