Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A morning in story

Five thirty and a light was just shining through my window. I woke.

I didn't need to go to work until three in the afternoon and I was waking up now. Why? What was the story of today going to be. Why would it start like this?

I was alert, ready for the day, and it was so early. "Why?" I asked myself. "Maybe so I could go back to bed" I thought, but...maybe not. I couldn't go back to sleep. I decided to begin the day and see where it took me. The thought came to me. "You should go running."

I went running. A bright crisp perfect morning for a run. It was grand. The sun was just waking up as well. The mountains were lit like a painting that God had made just for me and had woken me up to see. His excitement to show me the creation of this day seemed palpable in the air. The temperature was the perfect temperature for an early morning jog and I was very impressed.

I then went home and got ready for the day. Sleep had left me. Today was just too great a day.

I read my scriptures and gained a greater understanding of Christ's love for me. My testimony of how Faith in the words of scripture or prophets grew as I read some simple teachings of the Book of Mormon.

Faith can bless us in so many ways. Who knew what you could learn so early in the morning? Another good reason to be woken up by the sunlight at five thirty in the morning.

I felt like God's hand had tapped me awake though that ray of sunlight in the window. That had to be the reason why. After all, I repeat it was five thirty, and why else would it be?

For the day continued...

It continued with a windy afternoon, power outage, and storm clouds, with gloomy colors in the air. I was fine. For, I had the memory of a wonderful peaceful morning. I had the memory of God's hand in the start of the day and knew that life was okay. The storm would pass. I can rest well with the assurance that when I wake I am still part of God's plan. A plan of Happiness. Some of which happiness I found in the just real quick story of my morning.

I learned this morning that its always nice to be woken up by God.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I learned a new word today and it was just real quick but it seems to have sparked a lot of thought for me.

The word is Ubiquitous.

I was sitting next to a girl and she asked me what it meant. I said, "I don't know, why?" She replied, "it just came to me but I don't know what it means."

So I looked it up.

It means omnipresent. Being present everywhere at once.


I kind of felt it meant more than that to me at that moment though. As I read the words of what it meant it struck me. Maybe it doesn't just mean omnipresent.

For me it seems to be Heavenly Father reassuring a girl who was about to perform a talent that "Ubiquitous." I'm always there for you.

Ubiquitous. You are not forgotten.

Ubiquitous. There is always hope, guidance and help.

Ubiquitous. Don't forget.

Ubiquitous. With my help everything is possible. Just trust.

Although it was a new word for me, Ubiquitous is eternal.

God is Ubiquitous.