Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Kid James

Every so often I read my childhood journal and laugh at some of my entries. I decided to to a series of blogs from the entries of the journal of kid James.

Just real quick, here is my entry for July 8th, 2002 Monday (I was 13):

"Today was fun. I had violin and read. Thats all. Pretty Pathetic Huh?.
James Marble"

Or this one from February 24th, 2003 Monday (I was 14 then, but I do not remember being this negative...)

"Today was the first day of school this week and it was kind of boring. First I had Art and we watched a dumb video about Vincent van Gogh. Second I had History and we had a substitute teacher, I don't like having subs because they don't do things right (How do I know they are doing it wrong?). In third period I also had a sub so it was not fun. Fourth period I had Math and got homework, and I don't like homework. After Math I went to lunch and had a good time (I'm sure it was a thrilling adventure in the Jr. High lunch room). Sixth period, reading is a way easy class and it wasn't that bad today (finally something that isn't "that bad"). Peer support we have a test tomorrow. Health was pratty [sic] fun we got our midterms today and mine aren't that bad...."
Courtesy of

I promise I'm not that negative now...

For example, Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003:
"...I didn't practice today, I am very bad hahaha....I'm falling asleep I can't keep my eyes open so goodnight.
The best thing since toliet [sic] paper,
James Marble"

That is just three days in the life of kid James. Check back for more entries.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Do you know CPR?

I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I want to save lives, heal hurts, and prescribe protection. I want people to live.

This is why this clip gives me ample amounts of anxiety.

If ever you get an opportunity to save a life please do so, act fast, and do not let people die. Humans are worth saving.

If you do not want or wish to learn CPR, just real quick, you can learn hands-only CPR.