Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Kid James

Every so often I read my childhood journal and laugh at some of my entries. I decided to to a series of blogs from the entries of the journal of kid James.

Just real quick, here is my entry for July 8th, 2002 Monday (I was 13):

"Today was fun. I had violin and read. Thats all. Pretty Pathetic Huh?.
James Marble"

Or this one from February 24th, 2003 Monday (I was 14 then, but I do not remember being this negative...)

"Today was the first day of school this week and it was kind of boring. First I had Art and we watched a dumb video about Vincent van Gogh. Second I had History and we had a substitute teacher, I don't like having subs because they don't do things right (How do I know they are doing it wrong?). In third period I also had a sub so it was not fun. Fourth period I had Math and got homework, and I don't like homework. After Math I went to lunch and had a good time (I'm sure it was a thrilling adventure in the Jr. High lunch room). Sixth period, reading is a way easy class and it wasn't that bad today (finally something that isn't "that bad"). Peer support we have a test tomorrow. Health was pratty [sic] fun we got our midterms today and mine aren't that bad...."
Courtesy of

I promise I'm not that negative now...

For example, Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003:
"...I didn't practice today, I am very bad hahaha....I'm falling asleep I can't keep my eyes open so goodnight.
The best thing since toliet [sic] paper,
James Marble"

That is just three days in the life of kid James. Check back for more entries.

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