Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fluffy fiction to cultured cadavers

I read a lot of fiction. I love me a good book about magic, wizards, elves, sword fights, mythical lands, awesome powers, and powerful imaginations.

My mom told me I like them a little too much.

"You should read a book that doesn't take you away from the world," she advised.

So I chose a book about dead bodies.

I went to the library and told them my dilemma. The librarian gave me a list of a few books of good literature. One book was "Stiff: the curious life of human cadavers" by Mary Roach.

It is about all the things cadavers (Dead bodies donated to science) are used for.

Surprisingly it is very funny.

Just Real Quick, here is a passage, about embalming, that I read at midnight one night and laughed really hard.

"Theo is feeling around on Mr. Blank's neck. 'We're in search of the carotid artery,' he announces. He cuts a short lengthwise slit in the man's neck. Because no blood flows, it is easy to watch, easy to think of the action as simply something a man does on his job, like cutting roofing material or slicing foam core, rather than what it would more normally be: murder."

It is a really good book and I just think human's are neat.

I promise you I'm not a creep.


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