Friday, November 25, 2011


The elder's quorum in my ward has weekly spotlights.

This means that when we first came into the ward we wrote down things that no one really knows about us, and each week they read one or two, and everyone tries to guess who it is they are talking about.

I was spotlighted this week. Little did I know that I would have to prove to everyone that what I said was true... :)

Just real quick here are some fun things about me that people don't know:

1. Sometimes when people talk to me I think about the muscles that are moving their mouth.

2. I know how to do shadow puppets. (This they needed proof)

3. I have a fake laugh that makes other people laugh.

4. I have really outrageous and funny dreams. ("oh, really?" they asked. "Yes, I dreamed my arms were shrinking last night," I replied.) Almost thrice weekly.

I can't remember what I put for the fifth one, but I am sure it was witty, unique, and awesome.

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