Thursday, January 5, 2012

The 23 days of a 23rd Birthday on the 23rd day of January

I have an amazing mother!

This year is a year I have been looking forward to, not because of the supposed end of the world but, because it is my golden year!

This year I turn 23 on on the 23rd. I am thoroughly excited about it, especially that it is also the chinese new year. A plethora of good karma to me.

Anyway, my mom, in preparation for my golden birthday, gave me 23 presents, one for each day preceding the day of my birth. They aren't big, or expensive, but a present is a present.

Just real quick here are some of the wrapped presents that I have opened:

1) A pin that I had bought from Canada that I left at my parents' house 
2) A sample of hair gel (like a little packet of gel)
3) Retractable sharpie markers (I have an infatuation with new pens)
4) Scripture markers of all different colors

and today's present

5) To-go packets of tylenol which came in very handy when I got a headache tonight.

Three cheers for my awesome mother! We'll see what the coming days bring eh?


  1. Yea!!! And have a happy birthday when it gets here.

  2. My mom is pretty awesome too!