Monday, July 12, 2010

Inspired Binders

On my desk are two miniature three ring binders. Inside are some paper with words written on most of them. Some pages have drawings or doodles, some contain illegible cursive. Many words are thoughtfully written. Others are just real quick scribbles of quotes made while someone talked.

Those binders alone are worth very little. But to me they are worth something more. The words, sentences, notes, plans, even some of the drawings are inspiration from Heaven.

Little words in a binder. Messages from God.

One binder is full of notes from meetings, trainings, and conferences. Every once and awhile you will see underlines or stars on really great quotes. Scripture references are found in brackets. Arrows point to the main points. Some pages are full of color.

I love that binder. It is black. On the cover is a picture of my family. Behind that picture is my brother's wedding announcement. On the back is a song. Come thou fount translated into Croatian. The words "Ti si Divan, o Nas spase" at the top.

In between pictures of my eternal family and the words "You are wonderful, O our Savior" are found teachings that have changed my life.

The second binder is white. On the cover is a postcard of Christ teaching a little boy. The boy is looking into his face and you can see his focus. On the back is a postcard of Christ in the Americas called "The Bible and Book of Mormon testify of Christ."

I love this white binder of mine. This is my study journal. The words are of things I have learned or that God inspired me to write down.

One tab says talks. The pages that follow are different talks I've written. Many of them I have never given. I love reading them, studying them, and learning from them.

When I receive a prompting I like to write it down and keep in safe.

I know God has blessed me with loads of inspiration found in each of my inspired binders.

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