Monday, September 13, 2010

Heart Prayers

Have you ever just thought to yourself that a certain small thing would be a wonderful addition to your day or life.

Just real quick, for example, this afternoon I was very thirsty. I had lost my water bottle and thought to myself, I just would love it if I could find my water bottle again. It had been missing for a few weeks.

It was just a thought, but at the same time it became what I like to call a "heart prayer." Part of my heart sincerely wanted a water bottle, so that I did not have to repeat the lack of water I experienced today.

Funny thing about heart prayers is that I have a tendency to forget about them. The same was true about this heart prayer until this evening.

My mom sent me a text with the words, "Did you have a grey water bottle?" I replied yes, but it has been lost.

Her response was "I found it under the seat in my car."

It was then, as the Lord answered it, that I remembered my heart prayer.

1 comment:

  1. Great! I love it when God answers heart prayers!