Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I made that word up, but I sort of have a fear of leap year.

Last leap year my mission call was changed from Serbia to Canada. I felt like part of my life was being torn from me. In the end though, I loved Canada so much and the change was for the better.

But still a part of me spent the day thinking that I would get a phone call or something that would make it so that I became a economics major or a supporter of Ron Paul (also a phobia of mine: becoming an economics major, or taking any other economics class).

So far the day has been safe though, and lucky for me, I do not have to worry about this day again until 2016. Which is after the end of the world, so I am good.


  1. bahaha! i like everything about this post.

    it turned out to be a surprisingly magical sorta day.

    which kind of has me worried, cuz i feel like now we're doomed until next leap year. and you're right; that'll be after the world ends.


  2. I'm in an economics class right now. The teacher doesn't completely speak or understand English. Yep.