Thursday, June 21, 2012


This post is kind of late in coming.

I asked a girl to marry me last month. She said yes which means we are engaged. Whoot! Party, Butterbeers, fizzing whizzbees, sugar quills galore!

For those who want the story read the following:

So there we were, it was May 12th, and this was the big day. I had not slept well the night before (mind you maybe not any of the nights after Wednesday when I talked to her dad and he said I could marry her) but I had lots to do.

This was my to do list:

  • Buy flowers
  • Finish lantern/lights
  • Set up at Bramalls
  • Dinner
I thought this was going to take forever. I finished the first two by 9:30. Oh boy, dinner was not til five and I that meant I still had 7 and 1/2 more hours. Well, I needed to keep busy so I added more things to my list:

  • Clean the car
  • Get a haircut
Great. Now it was 10:30. Well, I went home and ate something. Then I went to Liz's and she and I went to the Bramall's to set up (pictures to come).

Then finally after a swim and reading a book, and getting ready, then getting ready again it was time for dinner.
After dinner it was still to light so we went to play bocce ball with Liz. Thanks Liz!
Then we went to movie night at the Bramall's. On the car ride Kyra asked if I thought is was time for a deep talk again (that was stressful...little did she know...)

We watched the movie Tangled.

When it got to the lantern scene I plugged in the lights:

Said some endearing remarks and got on one knee and proposed.
She asked if I was serious and then said yes of course.

Then we hugged, smiled, etc... and then asked each other "now what?"

oh and here is the ring