Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cereal Thoughts

I eat cereal almost everyday. Seriously, I do.

Milk and cereal possibly are the best inventions in the world. Those two items probably have saved my life many times. Starving moments of a college kid usually are killed by a nice bowl of cereal and milk.

This morning I realized something about cereal that I would like to blog about. I realized that cereal is a thought provoking food.

Thats a weird thought you might be saying to yourself. How can cereal be a thought provoking food? This may not be the case for all of you but this is my Just Real Quick answer...

As I ate my Marshmellow Mateys I all the sudden started thinking. "Today is a good day. I love cereal. I slept so well last night. What do I have going today?" and all the plans I had going started coming together. I thought of my own "Mateys" and friends and realized that Heavenly Father had to be one of my best mates for all He has given me. I was thinking of how I missed being able to play the thought provoking fun games on the back of cereal boxes because mine was in a bag.

I think lots of people have thinking time when they eat cereal.

My thoughts turned to what I had read in The Book of Mormon and how God protected the Sons of Helaman as they "obeyed every word of command with exactness." I wanted to be like them and do the right thing exactly. I felt the spirit encourage me and inspire me all while eating a bowl of cereal.

Each morning these cereal thoughts help my day become better. I am happy knowing that we can feel God's inspiring hand, even through a bowl of kid's cereal.


  1. James! I love your blog! Thanks for giving me something to think about. And... Did you miss a word in like the third or fourth paragraph after Heavenly? Just curious. Have fun at work.

  2. Yeah I did. Oops. Thanks for catching it. I fixed it now. Hope you enjoy.