Thursday, May 13, 2010

Windows or Bush?

I enjoy looking at homes and deciding what type of things I want my home to have or what sort of thing I don't want to have in my home. Often times I take pictures of the homes I think are interesting.

Here are two such pictures, and these two pictures both taught me an important lesson.

I like comparing these two photos.
Just Real Quick I want you to compare them to yourself.

Which home would you like? Windows or bush?

My choice: The nice big house with the fancy windows.

For me it is not because it is big and magnificent and not because it seems like a rich home. Although those are nice, I would want it because of its doors and windows. It is such a welcoming home, beautiful, and peaceful looking. It would be great to live in a windows home. I would hope to have a home that nothing needs to be hidden or kept out. I want to live a life that can survive a home with loads and loads of windows. (After all nothing is hidden from Heavenly Father anyway.)

I don't want to grow a bush that prevents anyone from coming by and saying hello.

I've learned that God's home has windows. We see into His home through other people, through nature, through prayer, through quiet moments as we think, ponder or read scripture. Sometimes I see into His home most clearly through the simple feelings of peace, comfort and love that the Holy Ghost gives me.

I think there are no bush homes in heaven.

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