Monday, May 10, 2010


This is a post about the cold. Kind of interesting subject that has nothing to do with the awesome weather that we are having at this time I've year, but just real quick I wanted to blog about the cold.

I think the cold is great. Personally I would rather live in a cold area than a hot one. Why? There are many reasons why. I think the biggest reason is that I can always wear more layers or go inside on a cold day and there is not a reciprocal solution when its hot outside.

As well, I absolutely love the snow.

Each snowflake is unique, just like all of us. Every snow storm is majestic to me. Whether it is a blizzard, or the snowfalls with huge snow flakes that come at Christmas time. Its all amazing, and there is good in the cold.

I think surviving the cold is what makes me like it as well. For example, "Did you see that blizzard?" "Yeah, I know, it was crazy, we were out in it for awhile, you don't see that everyday." or "This is nothing, I've been in minus 40 weather, I can survive anything."

The bridge between the death of fall and the life of spring is that cold time of year, winter.

One thing is sure though about cold. Is that it doesn't last forever (unless you are in Antarctica.)

Cold is transitional.

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