Thursday, May 6, 2010

Filled Full

Have you ever filled up your gas tank to full?

What a dumb question that is, we all have.

Have you ever been extremely full that it is painful?

I have.

Well what is it about being filled full that we like so much? Maybe it is the fact that if our vehicles are filled full we don't have to fill them up again for longer amounts of time. Or maybe we don't know when we are going to get to eat such awesome food again, so we stuff our faces and don't stop until its too late.

Well let me, just real quick, switch those two words around.


That is not something uncomfortable, painful, or an experience that only happens occasionally. We can feel fulfilled in all we do. Whether it is work, school, family, friends, whatever.

What makes us feel fulfilled?... That is a good question, but I think we are all different and can answer that question on our own. I give it as my opinion though that almost all things we find fulfillment in are found in actions.

I do not feel fulfilled on a rainy day doing nothing. A day sitting around the house does not leave me feeling content.

Do I have a point with this? You might be wondering. These are just real quick thoughts for you. I do have one hope for you though. I hope that you will...

Be filled full with fulfillment.


  1. James, these are so profound! Simple, but profound! I can see these being part of a speech during General Conference one day!