Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Everyone is as Special as Me"

This is a Just Real Quick quote by C.S. Lewis:

I would prefer to combat the “I’m special” feeling not by the thought “I am no more special than anyone else,” but by the feeling “Everyone is as special as me” (Letters, p. 20).

I hope that becomes true of all of us, that we realize "Everyone is as special as me." I am one of the many choice children of God. As we come to realize that our outlook on life changes and we begin to see the bigger picture. We see that we as inviduals can work together and do miraculous things. As C.S. Lewis goes on to state that all of us are "part of the body of Christ." We special individuals can focus our potential and stregthen others. Working together with the knowledge of who we are encourages us and richly blesses our lives.

"Everyone is as special as me."

I am quite special.

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